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भौतिक प्राचल
physical:    प्रकृति शरीर
parameter:    मानदण्ड मापदण्ड
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  1. The flash point is an empirical measurement rather than a fundamental physical parameter.
  2. This concept has generated scientific pursuit towards defying our physical parameters.
  3. Evolutionary matching to the observed physical parameters gives a mass of,
  4. Better qualified approaches make use of more than one physical parameter.
  5. In terms of the physical parameters, the wave speed, c, is given by
  6. No other governmental launch sites allow this level of physical parameters.
  7. The environment of ecosystems includes both physical parameters and biotic attributes.
  8. There is no standardized relationship of any particular physical parameter to the RSSI reading.
  9. From this we can derive the object's physical parameters.
  10. "It's a considerably different side . . . it's a different set of physical parameters.
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