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• प्रकाशवैद् युत अवशोषण
• प्रकाशवैद्युत अवशोषण
• प्रकाशवैद्युत् अवशोषण
photoelectric:    प्रकाश प्रकाश
absorption:    अवचूषण अवशोषण
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  1. Photoelectric absorption is the dominant mechanism in organic materials for photon energies below 100 keV, typical of classical X-ray tube originated X-rays.
  2. MWC 480 has X-ray emissions typical of a pre-main-sequence Herbig Ae / Be star but with an order of magnitude more photoelectric absorption.
  3. The number of low-energy gamma rays is controlled by photoelectric absorption, which is directly related to the average atomic number, Z, of the formation, hence to lithology.

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