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[ ˌpɜ:ti'næsəti ] sound:
pertinacity sentence in Hindi
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  1. His pertinacity saw him not give up.
  2. Hyde is noted for her pertinacity.
  3. The rebels fought with unusual pertinacity for over an hour, delivering the heaviest and most concentrated fire of musketry.
  4. Showing her pertinacity, Her total compensation as a result of the court actions was now over ?5, 600.
  5. Today, these artists have found recognition on a national level and their pertinacity has brought them strong following across the nation.
  6. Such pertinacity is exemplary of his play style, which has occasionally proven to be somewhat vulnerable to unconventional or unexpected enemy tactics.
  7. But such is the scale, the power and the pertinacity of these formidable images that we don't want them to hurry back.
  8. He never forgave pertinacity with which he prosecuted his family, and in the summer of 1591 he formally accused him of maladministration of justice.
  9. After a great deal of pertinacity, Thomas managed to get a servant to present a message, hastily written in cipher on a paper scrap.
  10. In 2008 Office of the Narcotics Control Board had appointed Grammy artists Bie the star presenter, by Outstanding of Pertinacity, in the annual campaign against drugs.
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  1. persistent determination
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