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  1. If anything, the most teasing was for Dylan over his personal hygiene.
  2. Ten commandments are directed towards personal hygiene and maintaining basic good health.
  3. Newton's personal hygiene disclosures left a number of Britons holding their noses.
  4. But when it comes to personal hygiene, the guy is extremely fastidious.
  5. "Personal hygiene is something you take care of personally, " she said.
  6. He is teased by his classmates for his lack of personal hygiene.
  7. Selpak is organizing personal hygiene classes at primary schools all around Turkey.
  8. She still cannot take care of personal hygiene or fully dress herself.
  9. Means : " He's got the personal hygiene of a dung beetle ."
  10. Boiling water and washing hands for personal hygiene could eliminate chronic health problems.
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