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persistent thyroglossal duct sentence in Hindi

दीर्घस्थायीअवटुजिह्वा वाहिनी
persistent:    अचिरस्थ गैस
thyroglossal:    अवटु-जिह्वा-
thyroglossal duct:    अवटुजिह् वा
duct:    नलिका नाली मोरी
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  1. Three-fourths of abnormalities within a persistent thyroglossal duct involve the formation of a cyst.
  2. However, in the case of a persistent thyroglossal duct, the tube remains hollow and continues to connect the foramen cecum to the thyroid gland.
  3. The Sistrunk procedure has a reoccurrence rate of less than 5 %, proving it is extremely effective at removing the majority of traces of the persistent thyroglossal duct.

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