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  1. Interaction between father and child promotes the child's physical well-being, perceptual abilities and overall competency.
  2. Not all people have the same internal perceptual ability.
  3. Children s perceptual abilities are still developing, too.
  4. Factors linked to handwriting include postural stability, sensory and perceptual abilities of the hand, and writing tool pressure.
  5. Edwards aimed to teach her readers how to draw, based on the development of the reader's perceptual abilities.
  6. Much later, experiments by Louis Herman, a former collaborator and student of Lilly's, demonstrated the crossmodal perceptual ability of dolphins.
  7. The first six scores come directly from the test : perceptual ability, reading comprehension, quantitative reasoning, biology, general chemistry, and organic chemistry.
  8. Additionally, their mean DAT Academic Average ( AA ) was 19.00 while their DAT Perceptual Ability Test ( PAT ) score was 19.40.
  9. The second section is divided into six different problem sets designed to test perceptual ability, specifically in the areas of three-dimensional manipulation and spatial reasoning.
  10. Dental schools frequently summarize their applicant's scores by listing the academic, science, and perceptual ability ( PAT ) scores they typically see in their matriculating classes.

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