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  1. The phenomenon of wishful seeing implicates cognitive penetrability in the perceptual experience.
  2. He also assumed an enormous penetrability of the bodies.
  3. In the end, " Intimacy " can be thought of as a study in penetrability and impenetrability.
  4. Escitalopram is a substrate of P-glycoprotein and hence P-glycoprotein inhibitors such as verapamil and quinidine may improve its blood-brain penetrability.
  5. Those that argue against cognitive penetrability feel that sensory systems operate in a modular fashion with cognitive states exerting their influence only after the stimuli has been perceived.
  6. Hereby the soil reaches a temperature of about 85�C . Milling for soil loosening is not recommended since soil structure may become too fine which reduces its penetrability for steam.
  7. She wondered whether " penetrability " between various philosophical schools might be overstated, and how views of Vijnanabhiksu might change if more of his works were available in translation.
  8. Some speculate that wishful seeing results from cognitive penetrability in that higher cognitive functions are able to directly influence perceptual experience instead of only influencing perception at higher levels of processing.
  9. Contrast is determined by the kilovoltage ( kV; energy / quality / penetrability ) of the x-ray beam and the tissue composition of the body part being radiographed.
  10. Key projects in BAC and later BAe were three supersonic strike aircraft of great penetrability, the experimental TSR . 2 ( 1964 ) and the multi-national Jaguar ( 1968 ) and Tornado IDS ( 1974 ), both with an excellent combat record.

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