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  1. The mountainous chain has been continuously eroded to form a peneplain.
  2. A common misconception about peneplains is that they ought to be featureless.
  3. The peaks of these mountains are all remnant features of this peneplain.
  4. The central area of the park is an undulating peneplain.
  5. This last geologist applied the term etched peneplain to the Tanganyica Plateau.
  6. Geologically the island is an ancient inselberg rising from the Sub-Cambrian peneplain.
  7. At it is situated in the typical peneplain area of the south eastern Turkey.
  8. Store Mosse National Park lies in the South Swedish highlands and the South Sm�land peneplain.
  9. The competent old rocks of the Armorican Massif have been eroded to a plateaulike peneplain.
  10. Numerous extensive areas called peneplains, whose relief has been largely eroded away, also were formed.


  1. a more or less level land surface representing an advanced stage of erosion undisturbed by crustal movements

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