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• अदाकर्ता
• दाता
• भुगतानकर्ता
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  1. payor " for their prescriptions, the governors said.
  2. payor " for their prescriptions, the governors saif.
  3. Non-business interest and dividends is generally sourced to residence of the payor.
  4. Medicaid also fund traditional home health services and is payor of adult day care services.
  5. He has gone on to become a partner in McKinsey & Company's Healthcare Payor and Provider practice.
  6. The source of certain income, such as dividends and interest, is based on location of the residence of the payor.
  7. Midwest again returned the check unpaid, this time stating that the payor's account lacked sufficient funds to cover the check.
  8. Once a patient is enrolled in hospice, the hospice becomes the insurance payor for that patient for any hospice-related illnesses.
  9. Certain retroactive cost adjustments and additional pharmacy benefit costs made by Coastal Physician's main payor in this market also affected earnings, the company said.
  10. Cheques create float ( cash in the payor's account which the payor still has access to while the transition has yet to be finalized ).
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