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payment:    चुकौता चुकौती दाम
voucher:    प्रमाणपत्र रसीद
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  1. Transition currencies are payment voucher-based systems that are exchangeable with the national currency.
  2. Banks will boost checking fees so high that eventually, we'll switch to electronic-payment vouchers.
  3. Tuesday's decision froze the payment vouchers and blocked Samsung Motors from taking out further bank loans.
  4. The company's principal business includes the printing of stationery, computer stationery, security stationery, and business printing including stock certificates, cheques, chequebooks, payment vouchers, invoices and dividend warrants.
  5. The athletic corporation asked police to investigate in August after a university audit showed possible overcharges for entertainment expenses claimed on payment vouchers for two years, beginning in August 1999.
  6. However, any check or payment voucher, as well as accompanying Form 1040-V, must " not " be stapled or paperclipped with the rest of the return, since payments are processed separately.
  7. Until 1 December, the MACC has spent nearly a month to analyse 8, 000 payment vouchers between 2008 and 2016 from  tens of thousands of documents as part of their ongoing investigations.
  8. In addition to investigating allegations of fraud, waste, and abuse; in 2008 DCIS launched a proactive project, which is analyzing over $ 14 billion in payment vouchers related to U . S . Army purchases in Iraq.
  9. When auditing a purchasing function, for example, he needs to determine whether the population or audit universe includes tender awards, contracts negotiated, purchasing policies / procedures or just reviewing the creditors, payment vouchers and purchasing authority limits.
  10. On 30 July 2010, Phang was sentenced to nine years'jail and fined $ 60, 000; his wife, Neo Kuon Huay, found guilty of falsifying payment vouchers, was fined $ 60, 000; former company director, Hoo was sentenced to seven years'jail.
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