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pashtu sentence in Hindi
• पश्तो
• पश्तु
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  1. Pashtu is the language of Afghanistan's majority ethnic Pathans.
  2. bbc pashtu report ? i don't know about this.
  3. Most of them spoke Pashtu and Persian, the languages of Afghanistan.
  4. Pashtu poet Ali Haider Joshi was born in this town in 1914.
  5. Shaikh Bostan Barech was a noble writer and poet of Pashtu language.
  6. Er�s is a specialist on Afghanistan and speaks Pashtu fluently.
  7. The Pashtu-language message was received by The Associated Press on Tuesday.
  8. The pamphlets were printed in Pashtu, the main language of the tribesmen.
  9. It will be in both Dari and Pashtu languages.
  10. Ali is fluent in Urdu, Pashtu and Persian.
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