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[ 'pɑ:ləmənt ] sound:
parliament sentence in Hindi
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  1. universal voting and parliament and constitution and so forth.
    यूनिवर्सल मतदान और संसद और संविधान वगेहरा.
  2. Special sutr their are two difference 1. parliament special sutr.
    विशेष सत्र - इस के दो भेद है 1. संसद के विशेष सत्र.
  3. Special session - it has two type 1. Special session of parliament
    विशेष सत्र - इस के दो भेद है 1. संसद के विशेष सत्र.
  4. Former members of Parliament may become associate members .
    भूतपूर्व संसद सदस्य इसके सह सदस्य हो बन सकते हैं .
  5. that a Member of Parliament stood up in 1984 and complained about this.
    एक सांसद ने १९८४ में संसद में शिकायत भी कर थी.
  6. His salary etc.is left to be determined by Parliament by law .
    उसका वेतन आदि संसद विधि द्वारा निर्धारित करेगी .
  7. Types of Presidents and Members of Parliament as per the Government.
    सरकार के संसदीय तथा राष्ट्रपति प्रकार
  8. passing of the finance bill is the responsibility of the parliament.
    धन बिल पारित करने मे यह निर्णायक सदन है
  9. There is one Member of Parliament elected from the entire territory .
    इस क्षेत्र से एक सांसद भी चुना जाता है .
  10. How long will it be before he enters Parliament ?
    तो फिर उसे संसद तक फंचने में कितना वक्त लगेगा ?


  1. a card game in which you play your sevens and other cards in sequence in the same suit as the sevens; you win if you are the first to use all your cards
  2. a legislative assembly in certain countries

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