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  1. Jacques Lacan suggested that the parapraxis may be an act of self-forgetting.
  2. Nevertheless, psychoanalysts have pursued their investigations particularly into this direction, finding however no new explanation of the parapraxis.
  3. Translated into English as ` parapraxis,'it includes such everyday mistakes as slips of the tongue, faulty memories and misplaced objects.
  4. His best-known work is probably the book " The Parapraxis in the Haizmann Case of Sigmund Freud " from 1965.
  5. I think you can see how the parapraxis, which is seemingly trivial, has multiple, deeper meanings if one is able to ferret them out.
  6. Whereas free association is one of many techniques ( along with dream interpretation and analysis of parapraxis ), the fundamental rule is a pledge undertaken by the client.
  7. For example, there is a very intriguing paper called " A parapraxis in Hamlet " by Eugene J . Mahon, M . D ., a training psychoanalyst at the Columbia College of Physicians and Surgeons.
  8. His sexual intention was therefore " secret ", rather than " unconscious ", and any'parapraxis'would inhere in the idea that he " unconsciously wished to express that intention ", rather than in the sexual connotation of the substitution.
  9. So the subtext of this battle about older-better is the notion that Brutus is guilty of killing an older, better man, Caesar or father perhaps, and it is his unconscious guilt about this that triggers the squabble with Cassius leading to the parapraxis of the faulty memory.
  10. Strachey's English translation is criticized by psychologist Louis Breger, who writes that Strachey translates the word for slips or mistakes as " parapraxis " when the English " blunder " or " faulty action " would have been more appropriate, and uses the Latinisms " id " and " ego " where " it " and " I " would have better captured Freud's language.
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  1. a minor inadvertent mistake usually observed in speech or writing or in small accidents or memory lapses etc.
    synonyms:slip, slip-up, miscue

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