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• युगपत अभिगम
parallel:    तुलना तुल्यता
access:    दाखिला अभिगम
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  1. Likewise, large data objects may be broken up and distributed into local memories with parallel access.
  2. A new theory posits that an L2-user has a single lexicon, enabling parallel access to words in both their L1 and L2.
  3. Serial access requires far fewer electrical connections for the memory chips than does parallel access, which has simplified the manufacture of multi-gigabyte drives.
  4. Parallel access to that shift register is often LSB 0; and serial transmission is arranged such that the least significant bit of each octet is transmitted first.
  5. The appointed representatives are fully empowered to discuss any issue at any time and should enjoy parallel access to all stakeholders and interested parties in the process, as needed.
  6. Bandwidth can be increasing by using large data bus path, data crossbar, memory interleaving ( multi-bank parallel access ) and " out of order " data transaction.
  7. It has a socket in the back allowing " FAST " parallel access to the CMD SERIES HARD DRIVES, making the hard drive faster than normal ( due to The Ramlinks incredible speed.
  8. The last requirement to formally designate this route as I-555 was the construction of a parallel access road across a floodway between Payneway and Marked Tree, so that farm equipment would no longer have to use US 63 to cross the floodway.
  9. Parallel access schemes used to accelerate transfers by taking advantage of HTTP range requests to initiate connections to multiple servers of a replicated content, are not equivalent to Multipath TCP as they involve the application layer and are limited to content of known size.
  10. It answers the challenges of dealing with huge files and directories, coordinating the activity of thousands of disks, providing parallel access to metadata on a massive scale, manipulating both scientific and general-purpose workloads, authenticating and encrypting on a large scale, and increasing or decreasing dynamically due to frequent device decommissioning, device failures, and cluster expansions.
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