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  1. _40 percent of paperback books purchased in the United States are romances
  2. During this period he created freelance cover illustrations for paperback book covers.
  3. It is available both as a paperback book and in electronic format.
  4. She prices paperback books at 10 or 15 cents apiece, for example.
  5. They carefully chose 500 paperback books to bring along on the trip.
  6. Purchased this paperback book at an American supermarket sometime in the 90's.
  7. Paperback books have cheaper, flexible covers which tend to be less durable.
  8. They did not feature the flexible covers usually associated with paperback books.
  9. (Eds : This file is the full best-seller list for paperback books.
  10. Gumperz ran Malik Verlag, an early publisher of paperback books in Europe.


  1. a book with paper covers
    synonyms:, , , , ,

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