paper back meaning in Hindi

paper back sentence in Hindi

पेपर बैक
paper:    कागद अख़बार
back:    कमर पीछे का
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  1. The problem now became transporting the paper back into Serbia every day.
  2. The KGB destroyed many documents, and shipped sensitive papers back to Moscow.
  3. The next day his name would appear in the papers back home.
  4. She places her papers back in the desk, never to disturb them again.
  5. It was collected as a trade paper back in February 2012.
  6. Papers back home dub him a Superman / Clark Kent character.
  7. I cut it out of the paper back in the late'60s or early'70s.
  8. "OK, " he said, handing my papers back and looking me in the eye.
  9. "There wasn't any mention in the paper back home that Ernie missed the cut,"
  10. And I see no reason to cancel the contract or take the papers back.
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