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  1. Laker guard Nick Van Exel pancaked Ronnie Garretson and we gasped.
  2. Piles of rubble and pancaked floors were scattered around the complex.
  3. The warehouses pancaked onto some 1, 450 wooden casks of port.
  4. I remember seeing buildings pancaked in front of my eyes.
  5. If I did, I would have pancaked him.
  6. Van Pelt looked outside and saw that portions of the building had pancaked.
  7. Irvan pancaked the wall and bounced off into Allison.
  8. They have him heavily pancaked, but his grumpiness and ennui keep showing through.
  9. Who knows what had pancaked her makeup?
  10. Cowboys linebacker Barron Wortham said _ bullied and pancaked Campo's defense all day.

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