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  1. In Palmyra, Marion County prosecutors had pursued the case aggressively.
  2. The season of excavations in Palmyra was very rich in 1996,
  3. Palmyra is located 150 miles northeast of the Syrian capital Damascus.
  4. Palmyra is 250 kilometers ( 150 miles ) northeast of Damascus.
  5. The squatters came to the Palmyra area between 1717 and 1740.
  6. The town is named after the ancient city Palmyra in Syria.
  7. Emesa was closely linked for its prosperity with its neighbor Palmyra.
  8. They married in 1945 and moved to Palmyra after the war.
  9. He was interred in Morgan Cemetery in Palmyra, New Jersey.
  10. In 2007, the Palmyra Area School District employed 196 teachers.
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