painting shop meaning in Hindi

painting shop sentence in Hindi

painting:    चित्रकला
shop:    कारोबार जेल बढ़ी
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  1. Hundreds of kilns and painting shops operate with no controls.
  2. Thus, the El Paso manufacturer might pay for filtration systems for fumes at auto-painting shops in Juarez.
  3. The company not only possess world class painting shops but also have obtained ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certificates.
  4. These include new regulations governing dry cleaners, painting shops and other small businesses, as well as tough new restrictions on industrial expansion.
  5. When the war ended, Wayne and a partner, Vic B . Linden, opened a sign painting shop in Spokane called Post Street Signs.
  6. It all started when her dad opened an auto painting shop in Las Vegas and his daughter began accompanying him to the city.
  7. At his woodworking and sign painting shop next to Jessica's house, Dutsch recalled the girl as " very charming, pretty intelligent, fun, polite ."
  8. Painting shops used to be at peak efficiency if they had a volume of about 200, 000 cars a year, he said; today, the optimal volume is less than half that.
  9. One Web site essayist, scorning " The Ever Present Presence of the Master, " imagined visiting one of the state's busier federal workplaces, the sign-painting shop that keeps Byrd's name pristine on all the projects named after him.
  10. Before the citation come plans for building sewers and electrical lines, paving sidewalks and sandblasting storefronts, painting shop doors and putting up awnings, installing lampposts, traffic signs, cast iron fences and planters, and planting " small trees, shrubs and flowers ."
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