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• अग्रिम रूप से संदत्त
paid:    रुपया देना
in:    अंदर का सत्तारूढ़
in advance:    बहुत ही विकसित
advance:    मूल्यवृद्धि
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  1. Those who paid in advance were charged only $ 5 per year.
  2. About 36 percent paid in advance for either funeral or burial arrangements.
  3. The ethical issue is not whether he gets paid in advance.
  4. It is understood all fees paid in advance will be refunded.
  5. Thus subsidies paid in advance last spring must now be repaid.
  6. Schrager declined to disclose the annual rental cost, which was paid in advance.
  7. Many of the farmers are paid in advance for their crop.
  8. Subscription to the publication was $ 2.50 for 24 numbers, paid in advance.
  9. The subscription price was $ 1.00 per year, paid in advance.
  10. Then he quoted a price : $ 145, 000, cash, paid in advance.
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