pack up meaning in Hindi

pack up sentence in Hindi
• बिगड़ना
• रखना
• बंद करना
pack:    पिट्ठू गठरी वृंद
up:    ऊपर की ओर उठा हूआ
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  1. I would disagree with those who want to pack up and leave.
  2. Others have decided the only solution is to pack up and leave.
  3. He then suggested that the CIA official pack up and go home.
  4. They can pack up the furniture and take pictures down from walls.
  5. Time to pack up and put Apolo and company into proper perspective.
  6. After each season, Elam packs up his family and returns to Georgia.
  7. Even normally stalwart Keys residents seemed ready to pack up and leave.
  8. Oh and you can pack up and move . . . Buggy.
  9. Will they stay or will they pack up their bags and go?
  10. House prices plummet as HK families pack up and go, HONGKONG STANDARD
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