pack ice meaning in Hindi

pack ice sentence in Hindi
• प्रवाही हिमपुंज

• बर्फ पुंज
• बर्फपुंज
• हिम पुंज
pack:    पिट्ठू गठरी वृंद
ice:    बर्फ़ तोड़ने का
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  1. The surrounding sea is obstructed by pack ice, even during the summer.
  2. The surrounding sea is obstructed by pack ice even in the summer.
  3. On 1 July they encountered their first pack ice off Har�e Island.
  4. Fill top of cooler with cubed ice or pack ice between items.
  5. Off Haroe Island on 1 July, " Advance " encountered pack ice.
  6. During autum pack ice forms which does not break up until spring.
  7. Nevertheless, most organisms in the winter pack ice are prepared for starvation.
  8. The white pack ice rimmed the horizon like a neon light.
  9. Despite cautious steaming through pack ice, she reached Reykjav�k on 13 February 1943.
  10. After discovering Spitsbergen, the ships encountered pack ice blocking the way.
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  1. a large expanse of floating ice

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