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pack:    पिट्ठू गठरी वृंद
away:    विरोधी के यहाँ अलग
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  1. Pack away winter sweaters, have nothing to wear when the nippy temps strike.
  2. Many residents, however, did not pack away their winter boots and fur hats.
  3. It's time to pack away our white summer pants, skirts, and matching shoes.
  4. Ever wonder what a state museum packs away in its " attic "?
  5. Pack away the children and anyone who is ego-sensitive.
  6. Pack away the chunky gold necklaces and matching earrings.
  7. Waldo packs away his tools for the day, and goes outside to sit in the sunshine.
  8. The army ordered vendors in the marketplace to pack away their produce and lock their doors.
  9. An earlier scene of her is shown as she packs away belongings of her deceased boyfriend.
  10. Quietly pack away the socks and hope their raison d'etre comes to you, or maybe your children.
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