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• निर्गम खंड
output:    उत्पाद उत्पादन
block:    पीड़क निपिण्ड
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  1. Then it overlaps and adds the 1024-element output blocks.
  2. Edge effects are eliminated by overlapping either the input blocks or the output blocks.
  3. Nothing is discarded, but 200 values of each output block must be " saved " for the addition with the next block.
  4. In the " squeeze " phase, output blocks are read from the same subset of the state, alternated with state transformations.
  5. Yarrow keeps count of the output block, because once the key is compromised, the leak of the old output before the compromised one can be stopped immediately.
  6. After a key-and IV-setup process, MUGI outputs 64-bit output strings based on the internal state, while updating the internal state after each output block.
  7. At Eurocrypt 2006, speed reports were presented for QUAD instances with 160-bit state and output block over the fields GF ( 2 ), GF ( 16 ), and GF ( 256 ).
  8. The Enhanced Full Rate ( GSM 06.60 ) technical specification describes the detailed mapping between input blocks of 160 speech samples in 13-bit uniform PCM format to encoded blocks of 244 bits and from encoded blocks of 244 bits to output blocks of 160 reconstructed speech samples.
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