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  1. Both the in degree and out degree distributions display their own universal functional forms.
  2. It gives out degrees to those who want to tout creationism to the unsuspecting public,
  3. Universities at first did no teaching or research; they only conducted examinations and gave out degrees.
  4. It is computationally lighter since its ranking is equivalent to a weighted in / out degree ranking.
  5. She will also seal a time capsule at the British Council and hand out degrees to Omani students studying in Britain.
  6. The right of handing out degrees, of holding chancellorships and of appointing the secular professors was also granted to the Jesuits.
  7. They worry that colleges are forgetting the merits of a traditional college education in favor of simply dispensing information and churning out degrees.
  8. In 1897 the committee tried to pass a bill to create a University of the United States, and three years later it presented a bill to allow the Smithsonian Institution to give out degrees.
  9. The degree distribution can be split into its two component parts, links to a species'prey ( aka . in degree ) and links to a species'predators ( aka-out degree ).
  10. His school, for example, works with 20 different community colleges in the region to help students continue their education past the two-year college level by accepting transfer credits and working out degree programs to meet students'needs.
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