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our lady of mercy sentence in Hindi
दया की देवी
our:    हमलोगो का अपना
lady:    स्री औरत कुलांगना
of:    स् का की पर बाबत
mercy:    अनुकम्पा अनुग्रह
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  1. Surgeons at Our Lady of Mercy Medical Center fixed the hand.
  2. The patron saint of the village is Our Lady of Mercy.
  3. In 2012, the replacement Our Lady of Mercy Wing opened.
  4. She works as a nurse at Our Lady of Mercy Medical Center.
  5. He is buried at Our Lady of Mercy Cemetery in Port Chester.
  6. He was a member of the religious order Our Lady of Mercy.
  7. The church of Our Lady of Mercy has had four baptismal fonts.
  8. Mullor said in his homily in the Church of Our Lady of Mercy.
  9. In September 2012, Our Lady of Mercy expanded to include grade 6.
  10. Wester attended Our Lady of Mercy Parish School in Daly City, California.
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