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असूचीबद्ध माल
stock:    भण्डार स्टक
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  1. OTC stock Softbank rose as much as 280 yen to 10, 200.
  2. They provide an excellent quote / chart / news service on OTC stocks.
  3. The Jasdaq index of OTC stocks rose 1.07, or 2.38 percent, to 46.03.
  4. Two other new funds totaling NT $ 10 billion will start buying OTC stocks as soon as this week, the paper said.
  5. :The mention of Thunder Energies Corp's ticker symbol in the OTC stock market makes this WP : PROMOTION as well.
  6. Yet for investors willing to take a risk on new, small companies, OTC stocks sell relatively cheaply and have lots of potential for growth.
  7. A total of 343 companies, including Hyundai Heavy Industries Co ., South Korea's largest shipyard, are registered with the OTC stock market.
  8. Some companies, with Wal-Mart as one of the largest, began trading as OTC stocks and eventually upgraded to a listing on fully regulated market.
  9. Almost 60 percent of OTC stocks are wholesale, retail, service and financial companies-- mostly linked to an economy at its weakest in almost a quarter century.
  10. President is a mutual fund manager that's applied to the Securities and Exchange Commission to raise up to NT $ 5 billion for a fund specializing in OTC stocks.
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