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असूचीबद्ध सुरक्षा
security:    आश्रय ऋणपत्र
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  1. "' Herzog Heine Geduld "'was a leading market maker in NASDAQ and OTC securities.
  2. Citadel Securities makes markets in more than 7, 000 U . S .-listed securities and in about 18, 000 OTC securities worldwide.
  3. These include stocks and bonds as well as exchange-traded funds, exchange traded commodities, exchange-traded notes ( including certificates ), OTC securities.
  4. Grupo Financiero Banorte is listed on the Mexican Stock Exchange, on the Latibex, and on the U . S . OTC securities market through blue chip companies from Latin America.
  5. Adesola currently sits as a non-executive director on the boards of the Nigeria Interbank Settlement System ( NIBSS ), Africa Finance Corporation ( AFC ), FBN Bank U . K . Ltd ., Universal Payments Plc ., and FMDQ OTC Securities Exchange.

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