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धारण प्लेट
रंध्र प्लेट
orifice:    मुख मुहाना रन्ध्र
plate:    फोटोग्राफी की
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  1. Under choked conditions, valves and calibrated orifice plates can be used to produce a desired mass flow rate.
  2. Some of these reservoirs are constructed across the river line, with the onward flow controlled by an orifice plate.
  3. Orifice plates are also used to reduce pressure or restrict flow, in which case they are often called restriction plates.
  4. The most common method of measuring gas flow is via differential pressure across an orifice plate inserted into a flow metering pipe.
  5. For example, in the case of an orifice flow meter, the differential pressure across the orifice plate is the primary flow element.
  6. Orifice plates as flow meters typically have a 5 to 1 speed range, while turbine meters may have up to 100 to 1 range.
  7. A venturi meter is more efficient, but usually more expensive and less accurate ( unless calibrated in a laboratory ) than an orifice plate.
  8. Orifice plates are small and inexpensive but do not recover the pressure drop as well as a venturi, nozzle, or venturi-nozzle does.
  9. However a newer V-Cone technology ( the inverse of orifice plate technology ) is being used to more accurately meter gas that contains some liquids.
  10. There are several situations in which choked flow occurs, such as the change of cross section in a de Laval nozzle or flow through an orifice plate.
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