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  1. This chemical reaction is useful in the organic synthesis of organic compounds.
  2. Praefcke has published more than 300 scientific papers dedicated to organic synthesis.
  3. Phenylboronic acid is white powder and is commonly used in organic synthesis.
  4. PCl 3 is also used directly as a reagent in organic synthesis.
  5. It is a Lewis acid and has been used in organic synthesis.
  6. It is used in organic synthesis as a catalyst for hydrogenation reactions.
  7. This is addressed in the heart of organic chemistry, and organic synthesis.
  8. This colourless, intensely malodorous compound is a useful reagent in organic synthesis.
  9. As an unsaturated aldehyde, crotonaldehyde is a versatile intermediate in organic synthesis.
  10. Such compounds are useful in materials science as well as organic synthesis.

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