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  1. He then resumed his pre-war duties at the Northern District Ordnance Depot.
  2. On July 1, 1954, Letterkenny Ordnance Depot became a permanent military installation.
  3. The main camp in Stockton Ordnance Depot called itself " Stockade Tech ".
  4. Barratt assigns him to 16's job, to infiltrate an ordnance depot.
  5. The Royal Navy Ordnance Depot was where the famous Mulberry harbours were made.
  6. It included three Permanent Force ordnance depots and three Active'Q'Services Corps.
  7. A Royal Ordnance depot was established during the First World War.
  8. The ordnance depot at MoD Bicester is just outside the town.
  9. The Ordnance Depot in Cyprus became part of the Joint Logistic Unit in 1988.
  10. Three M26 Pershing tanks were found in poor condition in a Tokyo ordnance depot.

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