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कक्षीय वेग
orbital:    वर्तुल सड़क
velocity:    गति चाल जल्दी
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  1. where is the radial orbital velocity profile and is the gravitational constant.
  2. It would achieve much of orbital velocity while still within the upper atmosphere.
  3. For circular orbits, higher orbits have a lower orbital velocity.
  4. In-plane and out-of-plane direction is determined by the orbital velocity vector of the system.
  5. But because the true orbital velocity cannot be determined generally, this information is limited.
  6. Is the total angular momentum of Jupiter preserved, or is its orbital velocity preserved?
  7. The fuel runs out just as " Starflight " reaches orbital velocity / altitude.
  8. However it was not intended to reach orbital velocity.
  9. The lower the orbit, the higher the orbital velocity.
  10. Note that the velocity used in this equation is the orbital velocity of the tether.
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