oral cavity meaning in Hindi

oral cavity sentence in Hindi
• मुख

• मुख कोटर
• मुख-गुहिका
• मुख-विवर
oral:    मौखिक परीक्षा मुख
cavity:    कोटर कोटरिका
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  1. Bessa discovered the five types of taste buds in the oral cavity.
  2. _Six times the risk of cancers of the mouth and oral cavity.
  3. "' Tooth remineralisation "'is a naturally occurring process in the oral cavity.
  4. The oral cavity of the fetal pig begins developing before birth.
  5. This fish has a vascularized respiratory organ in its oral cavity.
  6. Dentistry usually encompasses very important practices related to the oral cavity.
  7. The oral cavity opens into a muscular, sucking pharynx, also lined with cuticle.
  8. HPV infects epithelial cells in the anogenital tract and oral cavity.
  9. Histatins are believed to have important non-immunological, anti-microbial function in the oral cavity.
  10. The transplanted skin graft often continues to grow hair in the oral cavity.
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  1. the opening through which food is taken in and vocalizations emerge; "he stuffed his mouth with candy"
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