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  1. As a result, these primates are unable to perform the pad-to-pad grip associated with opposability.
  2. They had long slender arms and hands, with immobile forearm bones and limited opposability between the first finger and the other two.
  3. However, measurements taken from a male suggest that they have shorter hands and feet and have a larger opposability index than western gorillas.
  4. A dissenting state is entitled to deny the opposability of a rule in question if it can demonstrate its persistent objection to that rule, either as a member of a regional group or by virtue of its membership of the international community.
  5. :The thumb is the only digit of the hand that is opposable to the other four fingers, has two phalanges rather than three, has greater breadth in the distal phalanx than in the proximal phalanx and is attached to such a mobile metacarpus ( which produces most of the opposability ).

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