operator console meaning in Hindi

operator console sentence in Hindi

प्रचालक कंसोल
operator:    आपरेटर ऑपरेटर
console:    दीवारगीर कंसोल
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  1. Custom-designed operator consoles will be manufactured by UFL Wincorp, another New Zealand company.
  2. These required inexpensive operator consoles that could match the speeds.
  3. There were also a variety of games that were written using the operator console.
  4. The " operator console keyboard " had twelve PF keys and two PA keys.
  5. A fully loaded Sadral launcher weighs 1080 kg, and the operator console weighs 280 kg.
  6. Comm100 Live Chat consists of 3 parts : web chat window, operator console and control panel.
  7. It featured a line printer, card reader and operator console integrated into a larger operators desk.
  8. The " Citron Tree " has three banks of operator consoles laid out in a U shape.
  9. In January 2013, Comm100 Live Chat released version 7.0 which features Salesforce integration and a re-designed operator console.
  10. Operator consoles initially used nixie tube displays that were quickly replaced by light-emitting diode displays due to reliability issues.
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