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प्रायोगिक शल्यतंत्र
operative:    शल्य चिकित्सीय
surgery:    शल्य ऑपरेशन
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  1. While at this hospital he did all of the operative surgery.
  2. For Grades III and IV, operative surgery is recommended or is usually needed.
  3. After his return, he documented these techniques in Binnie s Manual of Operative Surgery.
  4. His greatest work, " A Treatise on Operative Surgery ", was published in 1844.
  5. Grafts is the method when addressing PCL injuries that are in need of operative surgery.
  6. Here he gained his first actual experience in operative surgery that was henceforth to be his specialty.
  7. In 1844, Joseph Pancoast listed the advantages of bloodletting in " A Treatise on Operative Surgery ".
  8. She studied at the operative surgery headed by Professor A . A . Kadyan ( 1849-1917 ).
  9. In 1906, while he was still a professor of operative surgery, Bading was appointed as Milwaukee's municipal health commissioner.
  10. In 1836 he became professor of operative surgery at Val-de-Gr�ce, followed by a professorship at Strasbourg five years later.
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