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• संक्रियात्मक प्रणाली
operational:    प्रक्रिया से
system:    सिस्टम क्रम डौल
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  1. He has introduced new products and modernized the bank s operational system.
  2. To bring this back as an operational system is a hugely difficult thing.
  3. Honeywell systems are also installed internationally, with an operational system in Bremen, Germany.
  4. While it worked, it was not suitable for an operational system.
  5. With an operational system now online, tactical considerations were developed.
  6. After that time, a full-scale operational system would be deployed.
  7. These units may be deployed at any time to support the fixed operational systems.
  8. A sports fan, Rump's real work involves creating operational systems for traffic, telecommunications and computer.
  9. When returns were clearly seen, funds were immediately provided for development of an operational system.
  10. Ayasdi then generates mathematical models which are deployed in predictive and operational systems and applications.
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