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• संक्रिया विश्लेषण
• संक्रिया-विश्‍लेषण
operation:    संक्रिया संचालन
analysis:    विश्लेषण
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  1. He served on several advanced development projects in Flight Sciences and Operations Analysis.
  2. Leo graduated from the US Naval Academy with a degree in Mathematics-Operations Analysis.
  3. In 1983 he earned a master's degree in Operations Analysis from the Naval Postgraduate School.
  4. She attended UC Berkeley and worked 1970-1998 as an operations analysis manager in the Social Security administration.
  5. It provides efficient tools for historical trend analysis, operations analysis and preparation of feasibility and growth projections.
  6. "In terms of customer cooperation, it's been going beautifully, " said Larry Gould, the authority's director of operations analysis.
  7. The family-owned corporation provides technical support services in zero-gravity human factors engineering, procedures development, operations analysis, training and systems integration.
  8. TSIS ( Traffic Software Integrated System ) is an integrated development environment that enables users to conduct traffic operations analysis.
  9. "It will certainly serve to speed things up, " said Tim Kelly, head of operations analysis for the International Telecommunications Union.
  10. He started as an office boy in 1937 and retired as senior supervisor of the Financial Analysis and Reporting Operations Analysis sections.
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