operating unit meaning in Hindi

operating unit sentence in Hindi

• प्रचालन इकाई
operating:    कि्रयाशील परिचालन
unit:    इकाई एक एकक खण्ड
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  1. The idea is to expand geographically, permitting operating units to remain local.
  2. Citibank is the main operating unit of Citicorp, American's largest banking company.
  3. It is one of the main operating units of The Thomson Corporation.
  4. Here the Desert Mounted Corps Operating Unit and consulting surgeon were attached.
  5. Previously the bank's operating units were divided among three or four executives.
  6. Treatment occurs no more than 2 hours per day per operating unit.
  7. The base operating unit was the 403d Army Air Force Base Unit.
  8. The subsidiary was to be a non-operating unit created for the merger.
  9. Greenberg is now facing the third investigation of a core operating unit.
  10. Also filing with the parent company were 15 of its operating units.
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