one dollar bill meaning in Hindi

one dollar bill sentence in Hindi
• एक डॉलर का नोट
one:    एक जो स्वयं से अपने
dollar:    डाँलर अमरीकी
dollar bill:    डॉलर का नोट
bill:    प्राप्यक फरसा तंग
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  1. There would be hundred dollar bills instead of one dollar bills.
  2. Still, the homeless wait quietly for hours for that one dollar bill.
  3. The One Dollar Bill issued by the Bank featured his picture on the front.
  4. He opened a safe deposit box and puts there the 25.000 $ in one dollar bills.
  5. Just to revisit the arithmetic one more time : Let one dollar bill represent $ 100 billion of projected surplus.
  6. The photo would appear as part of the engraving on an altered one dollar bill ( to symbolize their first album ).
  7. "This is the color of the new civil rights revolution, " he said as he waived a one dollar bill.
  8. Barbara Sinatra recently mailed Father One Dollar Bill a check with a warm note thanking him for all the good work he was doing.
  9. As a result, there is additional cost for theft deterrent equipment and an increase in maintenance costs associated with the use of one dollar bills.
  10. In 2009, she auctioned the Andy Warhol painting " 200 One Dollar Bills ", which she had bought with her late husband Constantine Karpidas.
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