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  1. During his tenure, the state debt was reduced, state aid to education, old age assistance payments, and teacher's minimum salaries were increased.
  2. The Law on Sickness Insurance for Farmers ( 1972 ) included the self-employed, their dependants and people who receive old age assistance in sickness insurance.
  3. He authored and help led the enactment of the 1939 Minnesota State Reorganization Act, and drafted the state Civil Service Law of 1939 and the state Old Age Assistance Law of 1936.
  4. During the national New Deal, state Senator Tuck worked to repeal Prohibition and sponsored new child labor laws, as well as an unemployment compensation system, old age assistance and jail reforms.
  5. The national Government has found in connection with grants to states for old age assistance under another title of the Social Security Act ( Title I ) that, in February, 1937, 38.8 percent of all persons over 65 in Colorado received public assistance; in Oklahoma, the percentage was 44.1, and in Texas 37.5.
  6. Amongst these measures included the universalization of old-age pensions for all Canadians aged seventy and above ( 1951 ), the introduction of old age assistance for needy Canadians aged sixty-five and above ( 1951 ), the introduction of allowances for the blind ( 1951 ) and the disabled ( 1954 ), During his last term as Prime Minister, St-Laurent's government used $ 100 million in death taxes to establish the Canada Council to support research in the arts, humanities, and social sciences.
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