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  1. The Angiosperm Phylogeny website indicates the Olacaceae ( " sensu"
  2. Benth . is a genus in the plant family Olacaceae.
  3. Prior to the advent of molecular data, the circumscription of the family Olacaceae varied widely between different authorities.
  4. Its placement is still somewhat controversial as molecular data is lacking and morphological data suggests a place outside Olacaceae and instead in Ericales
  5. "' Olacaceae "'is a family of flowering plants in the order Santalales with 91 genera and 180 species.
  6. For this reason, Olacaceae in the broad sense was adopted by the APG III-system . and this concept is shown below.
  7. The genus has long been placed in the Olacaceae family though many researchers noted the differences between it and the rest of the family.
  8. Among these various classifications, about 30 genera were included in the family . 15 genera are recognized for Olacaceae by the Germplasm Resources Information Network.
  9. In 1852, argued that Bentham's Icacineae did not belong in Olacaceae and he raised them to the taxonomic rank of family as Icacinaceae.
  10. Currently placed in the family Olacaceae, recent genetic evidence suggests this family is paraphyletic, and that " Coula " and related genera should be transferred to a new family Strombosiaceae.
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