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  1. In 1998, exactly one new oil well was drilled in the state.
  2. The first commercial oil well in New York was drilled in 1865.
  3. Oil wells were established, but the family never received the promised royalties.
  4. The conflict is also driven by competition over oil wells and land.
  5. Pennsylvania was also the home of the first commercially drilled oil well.
  6. In 1919 the first of several oil wells were drilled near Elbing.
  7. Oil wells were operating at the time in Lufkin, Nacogdoches and Corsicana.
  8. Right now the Internet is a huge gusher of an oil well,
  9. This is similar to how many newly tapped oil wells are pressurized.
  10. The explosives would be used to blow up oil wells, it said.
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  1. a well that yields or has yielded oil

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