off base meaning in Hindi

off base sentence in Hindi
off:    से अलग छूट छुट्टी
base:    आधारिक संरचना
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  1. If you can keep guys off base, you can minimize the damage.
  2. The Twins have been picked off base four times in five games.
  3. Williams returned to duty the next morning and again traveled off base.
  4. Many American military officers and their families lived off base in Caimanera.
  5. But to address it in that way, she was way off base.
  6. And then I realized that what Randy had said was off base,
  7. She can say it was substantively on track, but monetarily off base.
  8. The Red Sox had five runners picked off base in three games.
  9. The military authorities have no jurisdiction over the private businesses off base.
  10. User : Scott _ 110 is total off base with this request.

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