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  1. He was jailed off and on after that for his democracy campaigning.
  2. Sun or partial sun keeps it flowering off and on for months.
  3. He has also taught at Princeton off and on over the years.
  4. He has continued to wrestle off and on during the past decade.
  5. He has experienced soreness off and on in the knee this season.
  6. But it keeps mowing off and on until the lawn is done.
  7. Radford has been beating the drums off and on for a year.
  8. More mysteries : The porch lights turn off and on by themselves.
  9. That should serve us as a motivator off and on the ice.
  10. I played a few tournaments there off and on for three years,
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  1. not regularly; "they phone each other off and on"
  2. not regularly; "they phone each other off and on"

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