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  1. It is true that there is an odeur de OJ languishing over Norwalk's seedy downtown.
  2. In the 1920s and 1930s, Harestrup ?caused frequent floodings and it had also become known for its unpleasant odeur.
  3. He and his partners have designed ads for Jean Paul Gaultier and packaging for a Commes des Garcons fragrance, Odeur 71.
  4. The Wild Youth gallery exhibit also featured Angello's fashion collaboration with Odeur Studios, a line of unisex and children's clothing items.
  5. His attempt to relaunch his literary career with " L Odeur de l'herbe " ( Julliard, 1962 ) was not a success.
  6. This speech became famous when it was sampled in 1995 by the French band Zebda on their hit " Le bruit et l'odeur " from the album by the same name.
  7. Adrian Joffe, managing director of Comme des Garcons and Ms . Kawakubo's husband, said Odeur 53 was not a perfume but " a sequence of smells and associations ."
  8. International Flavors and Fragrances used a similar technology for its client Rei Kawakubo, the designer of Comme des Garcons, whose new perfume, Odeur 53, contains notes of burnt rubber, sand dunes and plastic baby dolls.
  9. But Agent Scully would no doubt point out that, logically, there is no proof that consumers consciously seek antibacterial properties in fashion ( even though the latest perfume by Comme des Garcons, Odeur 53, comes in hermetically sealed packaging ).
  10. So imagine the horror when we came to Munster, home to one of the world's most pungent cheeses, and found them pre-wrapped for tourists " sous vide _ sans odeur " ( packed airtight _ odorless ).
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