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  1. Other birth abnormalities have been reported as well, such as chorioretinitis, microphthalmus, and ocular defects.
  2. Other ocular defects including optic atrophy, microphthalmia, vitreitis, leukokoria and cataracts can also be seen.
  3. Defects in the PAX6 gene cause aniridia-like ocular defects in mice ( as well as " Drosophila " ).
  4. While in a mutant form, players can easily spot enemies, which would otherwise be cloaked to the regular human eye, albeit with a slight ocular defect.
  5. Congenital deficiency of 5?-R3 at the gene SRD53A has been linked to a rare, autosomal recessive condition in which patients are born with severe intellectual dysfunction and cerebellar and ocular defects.
  6. The eye manifestations typically include unusually small, round lenses of the eyes ( spherophakia ), which may be prone to dislocating ( ectopia lentis ), as well as other ocular defects.

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