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  1. Bright colors such as shocking pink, ocher and mint green.
  2. They go to tanning salons to keep up their ocher coloring.
  3. How did the Red Rock Country come by its ocher tint?
  4. Meanwhile, the basilisk Ocher is seeking out his lost companions.
  5. The paint was changed from white to the pristine bright ocher.
  6. There are consistent proportions between the ocher facade and slate roofs.
  7. The male forewings are clay and the hindwings are yellow ocher.
  8. The hindwings are greyish ocher, with five inconspicuous transverse lines.
  9. Walls and ceilings are now in the original ocher yellow and burgundy.
  10. One wall still displays the original ocher and gold wallpaper.


  1. a moderate yellow-orange to orange color
  2. any of various earths containing silica and alumina and ferric oxide; used as a pigment
  1. of a moderate orange-yellow color

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