obstacle race meaning in Hindi

obstacle race sentence in Hindi
एक तरह की दौड़
सबाध दौड़
obstacle:    अन्तराय अड़चन
race:    शर्त बदी हुई दौड़
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  1. Like other obstacle races, runners navigate through various terrain and physically challenging obstacles.
  2. The "'steeplechase "'is an obstacle race in steeplechase in horse racing.
  3. Lane won the 200 metre freestyle and obstacle races, both on the same day.
  4. Germaine Greer publishes " The Obstacle Race : The Fortunes of Women Painters and Their Work"
  5. "' Superhero Scramble "'was a superhero themed obstacle race series that has several levels of races.
  6. The International Obstacle Sports Federation is the world governing body for Obstacle Racing and related sports.
  7. Sponsored by obstacle racing series BattleFrog, it was officially known as the "'BattleFrog Fiesta Bowl " '.
  8. The series is produced by'51 Dons Film, LLC, and BattleFrog Obstacle Race series, and distributed by ESPN networks.
  9. "' Beach Dash "'is a 5K obstacle race on a beach that was formerly run by Red Frog Events.
  10. His second final was just 45 minutes later, the discontinued 200-metre obstacle race, where he beat Austrian Otto Wahle.
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  1. a race in which competitors must negotiate obstacles

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