obstacle course meaning in Hindi

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अवरोध कोर्स
बाधा पथ
obstacle:    अन्तराय अड़चन
course:    पाठ्यक्रम घुड़ दौड़
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  1. In " The Couch Potato Kid, " Magician fails the obstacle course.
  2. In the first stage, competitors complete the obstacle course on parallel tracks.
  3. The obstacle course is won by Otis and Duke solves the riddle.
  4. In Swamp, teams had to complete an obstacle course through a bog.
  5. Some teams were allowed to compete Saturday without finishing the obstacle course.
  6. The aisles became an obstacle course of suitcases, book bags and guitars.
  7. This obstacle course seems to be the formal springboard for the choreography.
  8. The Expos made an obstacle course of Barrett's rush to the majors.
  9. Hunters and jumpers are both show horses that cover an obstacle course.
  10. They were tasked to pass a pingpong ball through an obstacle course.
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